This month should start with a BIG WOW from me. Not only is this the month where I’ve been running and playing good, but I’ve learned so much. Apart from the first month of poker this must be the month where I have grown the most. I’ve played WCOOP, the BIG tournaments with a lot of money guranteed, SNGs and loads of Premier Skill League tournaments.



The first days of September started like August, I had one good tournament and then it all went bad. I lost my 500dollar bankroll the first day, and has had a bankroll below 20dollars the entire month. I remember deleting all my screenshoots because I was frustrated and starting taking new ones when I started getting back on track.


I want to talk about bad beats, because this is something that I got more than I gave last month. I think I’ve given more this month, but I’m not sure! However; I’ve experienced some amazing hands and it’s those I still remember, not all the bad beats I gave. One hand I had 65s flops full house other guy gets runner runner 9s and gets a better full house. I had big pockets running into other big pockets. One tournament I had QQ and I ran into AA, KK and 66. I experienced set over set, I even lost a hand where I had 99,697% chance to win on the flop on my birthday! One tournament I worked my way up from 36chips(less than 1BB) to more than average, after losing trip kings to full house queens of kings. Yes, that’s the amazing hands I had this month, not even going to elaborate about the hands where I shouldn’t have won.


At the end of the month I started going with my reads, and it had diffrent results. Sometimes I would do a HERO CALL and other times I would be pictured as the biggest donk of the history in poker. This is something I feel will make my game much better and build me a greater edge on people. Folding when I think I’m behind and not calling to see if I’m right, and shove to a reraise when I think I’m better. I started reading articles again, watching poker videos and just kept growing from the getgo this month.


Now, let’s talk about the Premier Skill League, the most interessting thing on this site. A lot of money for the winner and a skyrocket moneyjump for my bankroll. Like in August I had one good tournament and then I lost everything. I was down at 1448.41 before I won a tournament. And this tournament was pretty nice because when we were deep in the tournament a guy named: West_Eagle77 won a pot against me, and I remember saying to him: «I’ll get those back» and at the same time thinking it would be fun to beat him heads up. The scenario happened and I got my comeback. From there this month in Premier Skill League has been really hard, I’ve climbed up and down the top10 the last week. I had seven final tables, but only two top3 which means I lost out on a lot of pts. I can’t even count how many times I bubbled final tables, itm or top3 – it’s amazing how many pts I missed out on. And at the end of the month I lost all my motivation and I was demoralized striving to get 1st place that I just started losing every tournament I attended to. With the eyes on the prize I lost my 3rd place and was down at 63rd at worst.


The great thing about all this is that I know more where I stand now, then what I did before. I know what I will have to do to be better. And the most important thing at the moment is that I will have to learn about dealing with losses and learn about positive thinking. More than that I will just say I reached Silverstar and I managed to place 27th, which was 7places below what my goal was.


In terms of whatever… I’m so sick and tired of poker now, so I’ll take a break. I just lost the whole grasp of reality when I was so close to doing well this month. Drained my rating from okay to whatever. Speak to you later, and goodbye for now. My confidence in poker is away for good, or at least it feels like it. All I’m left with is, what happened to my poker? Goodbye.