Today's post should be short, but I always have a lot to talk about, so here we go.


I was playing in the Premier Skill League both yesterday and today. Yesterday I worked my way from 4BB(400chips) up to 7k and lost it all. And earlier today I ran really good was chipleader and finished 30th. The last tournament I had 1k chips after 5minutes because of a bad bluff. Then after a while my chipstack looks like this:

Amazingly I didn't win. I struggle a lot with playing good when I have luck on my side because everything feels so surrealistic. I'm sharing this because this is something I take great learning from, and I laugh of the fact that I actually didn't win this tournament. Because it's really bad.


I'd explain why I lost, or why I didn't win. But why don't you take a guess? I mean, if you had this overwhelming chiplead and luck wasn't a problem, how could I/youpossibly lose?