I just played in the Premier Skill League and when we were past the bubble I was the chipleader with 47k chips. A small stack shove with a 6k stack, and I have AKo MP. Now, my first though is to insa shove to his shove to issolate him and me. My other thought is to just reraise him and hope somebody call or fold. Don't really know what I wanted, AK isn't the best hand in the world. I end up just reraising him and another big stack behind me calls. The flop is 997, and I've put my other contestent on a pocket pair and the all in guy on AJo. The big stack shoves the flop and I'm left thinking: "You gotta call, you are pot comitted and it's still a coin flip". So I call and see that he has 88 and the allin guy has ATo. The turn is a T and the river is 7. I'm left with 30k after this hand, but the pot was on 46k, meaning; if I had won I would've had guranteed final table.


And that's when I tilted.. Some hands later, just after the break I'm number 8th in chips and now theres a 3BB bet in front of me of that guy who had just been all-in. This guy had shown some great discipline before the bubble folding AQo with less than 5BB to a min. raise. But without even thinking about the past history of his play I give him zero credit for his raise. So I reraise him three times with AQo putting him on AJo again. He uses a lot of time and calls with AKo, and wins. This guy got the best of me twice since he won both as underdog and favorite.


Now I'm so far off in thinking prosess and whatever I'm tilting so hard, and I don't know why. I had some issuses with my computer I had low battery and I felt like I wanted to get a big stack and wait to the class was over to find somewhere to charge my computer since there was no way to do this in the classroom.


Whatever, I tilted so hard that after these two key hands I was left with two BBs and I decide to shove T9s and lose against AKo. It's so stupid play I had the final table almost in my hand, and even after losing that stack I overplayed AQo preflop, because I didn't feel like playing post-play poker and suddenly I was out. There are 15players left and my stack was good enough for 11th place now. It's amazing how bad you can play when you are tilting, and I never thought I would be this bad disciplined, but I guess I just learned how much more I have to concentrate the next time.