The only WCOOP event I think I'll have time for this month started around 4hours ago. And I'm already out, and I will talk about how this event went, and my thoughts about it.


Since the buy-in was relatively high, especially since I've just lost my entire bankroll, I had to concentrate alot, because I wanted to go deep and play against thougher players. However, I was moved from two tables the first minutes and was placed at a third and final table the last 3 hours. And that table was though enough, a lot of raising and reraising going on, and you could find yourself in some tricky spots sometimes.


Out of the first eight hands I had played five of them, I was getting some cards early that I liked playing and from the starting stack of 5000 I had already then 8000. From there I stole a lot of blinds, reraised when I knew other people was stealing and had kings, aces and other good hands. I was a bit lucky and unlucky in some hands, and I'm going to elaborate about them. The first hand I lost KK all in vs AKo. The second hand was vs. the same dude but this time I called every street he bet and got a 4outer ten on the river giving me broadway. I shoved and he called. And the last hand I min. raised to steal the blinds from EP and I got a caller right behind me, but I rivered an ace. My position at the table was actually the thoughest I think, the four best stacked players was in a row lined up, eventhough I had position on two of them, it was hard defending my blinds, because we could suddenly put eachother all in.


My performance was good, I made some good resteals and steals. I had good lay downs and good calls, sadly I made a bad timed steal at the end. With 17k chips and average on 15k, I get dealt K4s on the button. I min. raise and get  reraised from the SB, BB folds. Now I think he has a hand, but not a good hand, only a hand which is good enough to reraise from the SB, so I reraise him again, he shoves. I fold there losing 6k on not ever seeing the flop, he had aces. Same position one round later I get 44, I min. raise after some thinking and I get an insta reshove from the BB. I fold and wait for a better hand. The hand which lost the tournament for me was of course the hateful coin flip AKo vs 66. I had AKo, didn't like it before this hand, sure don't like it now.


It was fun to play, I felt like I learned many things, but I'm dissapointed in myself. And that I have no money left nor time to play any of the other tournaments makes me kind of frustrated because I was expecting to at least cash and then take it from there. I felt my discipline was good and that my play was better than others on the table. I made a good read from the  BB once on the river right before my K4s steal. But sometimes having hands and playing good can still make you lose everything in two hands.