I havent preformed well lately in the Premier Skill League, and to be honest I dont think I'll be able to stay there. I've been extremly lucky and extremly unlucky lately so it's impossible to play this game at the moment. Just lost my bankroll, deposited got lucky in the cash games, but lost in the Premier Skill Leauge. But school has started and I'm busy with training and other stuff so I don't really have much time to play. And on top of all this I'm too busy stuff I'm playing so bad and I'm not motivated at all :-P It's not fun to log in, not fun to do anything at the moment. But I'm trying. I hope I can get some days to play the Premier Skill League more like I've done the last days, but combine the luck with bad play so I can get more points than just +0.29 and stuff. Well that's all folks.