On friday I will go to my friends house and play poker and comuputer games all day, with this in my mind I'm trying to build my bankroll, but it isn't that easy considering how stupid things had been right now. I've lost a couple of 70% hands. AKo vs A5o, 88 vs A7s, AJs vs K6o, QQ vs KJ and QTs. So I'm left with 6cents right now, and I'm growing really impatient to be honest, the last days has been a grind of the freerolls. Finished number 1k now in the Hubble freeroll after first losing 10k of my 13k chipstack to a guy shoving with A7s preflop holding 68bbs. And then I waited a few rounds for a hand JKKK K6o calls and wins. Hasn't been the best day, and it wont continue to be any better in my opinion at all. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, but not with me not being able to do anything at all. JK freerolls JK that's nothing. It's going to be a lot of poker tomorrow, so let's hope it involves real money. Just finished as number 76 in the Hubble freeroll, lol, no ticket.