It's hard to think back to when I started playing poker. I registrated my account one year ago. And started playing with play money about three months ago. The first month I played PSO, I played the last three days and didn't know about the leaderboard or anything. When I knew there was two divisions with leaderboards and big prizes I decided to qualify. And after only one month of playing in PSO I qualified to Premier Skill League some places under what my ambitions were.

The second month, being July, I was aiming for higher than I finished in the Premier Skill League. I was playing this for money at the start of the month, but when I finally had money I had a break from this league. When I was up for it I played a few games and then decided to push for 1st place. Not being motivated at all given that I had to train and do a lot of stuff inbetween. That lead to tight play and really bad descions imo. But the last torunament of the July 2012 Premier Skill League really reflected how I should've played all month. It wasn't the best preformance, but it was the most fun to play. I was playing agressive, and really didn't play with scared money.

This month has been a really big growing experience as I was introduced to multitabling with real money and using Pokerstove(which has learned me alot about long term play). And I've devolped alot of other interessting things useful in poker. Everytime I lose my bankroll now I know that with a little patience I can get money back. Earned 3dollars today, 2 coming from the Premier Skill League reward.

When it came to Premier Skill League itself there is a lot I want to talk about, but less I want to write about. I want to be mentoning things like my final tables, I think there was five. On all, but four I entered as the chipleader, and the last one I was last in chips, won 2pots and was chipleader there aswell. And to not have won or even placed top three in any of them is kind of stunning, imo. I lost the two first ones going out first, being unexperienced. I lost number three and four being unlucky. And the last one I was being smart and too courageous in the same hand. However, it will be alot more fun next month. I haven' t planned everything, but school starts and I will be training a lot more since the season starts so I have to play less and maybe have more quality than quantity.

The next month will be very interessting because I've made some crucial mistakes and with the three days break from the Premier Skill League I'm getting alot of space to think about alot of things. As an example of one of the things I will be doing after a lot of thinking is: "playing the freerolls". People can say whatever they want, but I've learned a lot from there. The freerolls will give my bankroll the boost I need and the breaks for tilting, hehe. I will have a great session on friday I think of poker and that's the first day of Premier Skill League

Anyway, there's alot more interessting things happening in the future than the ones that has happened in the past. I will play a freeroll now, and maybe I'll get the Weekly Round 2 ticket, just finished 500th or something. Still too many places away.