Precentage wise it isn't the biggest bad beat in the history, but this is so crazy given how important that pot was. I just can't get over the fact that I lost, it's so.... OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe how much of unlucky guy I feel right now. The issue I'm going to adress is this: I get KK, I shove get two callers and the chipleader had already raised alot. At this point he must surely think that he doesn't have the best hand when there are already three people all in. But he doesn't, hell I've laid down what he has held before. But he said he couldn't lay it down. KUDOS TO HIM! HE WON SO WHAT DO YOU THINK HE IS GOING TO DO? Well, of course, he flips over AKs, easy match I think, woho. I have 42% against all the hands which are AKs, QJs and 88. He has 26%(AKs), and he wins. He wins what I'd like to call the marginal hand, 26k to the winner after 34minutes of play of a tournament with 1500 starting chips. It's so unreall OF COURSE, I've won hands like this. But this was so important that it's almost like he was delivered a Christmas gift. He's the chipleader of the tournament, and I just rebought. But there's like litterally no point to continue. OMFG. The prize to the winner is so big, and I could've played it so safe. OMG. ARGGGGGGGGGGGH. I just envy that player too much, and I've just rebought three times. It's so cruel how I now just throw away my 10dollar bankroll. Tilting maybe. Winning, not. Losing of course.

I cooled off and avoided tilt, and made a crucial mistake at the end. Was this guy who had raised three times stealing blinds. I call with T6s in the big blind, the flop is two clubs and gives me two pairs + a trey. At this point I'm thinknig, I don't want to take this hand any further. And I want to keep my opponents guessing. So I shove hoping that if he calls he doesn't have a weak ace, rather AJ or a flush draw. He had trips, and obviously called my shove on the flop. Looking back at the hand, I could've checked to him, he might've bet small, and when the third club came I could rep flush. ORRR when the fourth club came, I could've shoved or whatever. So given how the board played out there was loads of bluffing possibilities or ways where I could've saved my money. Anyway, lost almost alot of my bankroll. I have 1dollar left now. SNG farm omw.