Besides my bad play in Premier Skill League I just finished 100K depositer freeroll as 97th. Was number 40 in chips, get dealt JJ and raise bigtime, hoping to pick up blinds, dont want a silly ace to hit the board. But I decide to shove regardless of what, because that raise may look like a steal. Somebody who has me covered shoves, I call to see him flip over KK. One out of five times, I can win that hand. After the flop I pick up a straight draw giving me a 25% chance up from 20%. But I lost the hand. It was about 21,6k players in that freeroll. And I was so close this time, if I had won, let's say I was that lucky :-P PP I would've had a REALLY nice stack, 5th place at that moment. It kind of stings because I was so good in chips, I didnt have to shove with JJ or even play that hand, but you kind of have to. 300dollars would've been something. But I am really happy and satisfied by the result, because I won 2,5dollars and thats good enough. And I won hands that I had less then 15% chance to win, however I lost a hand who was 95% favorite xD Lol.

And regarding PSO I'm playing them again, to encourage and beat my friend all the time he is playing. Just finished 311th, made some bad choices imo at the end.

So this just reflects how well the poker is going atm, and my bankroll is on 10dollars now, nothing huge, but a good start. Cya.