After loads of attempts to try to get at least one first place out of this tournament does seems for my part impossible.. at least this month. I've had some strong results, but I've been on like 5 final table without ending top three so thats a huge load of time that couldnt have given me less points. I mean, I've lost so many points on not winning and stuff that in total I am so far behind now. I'm soon number 200+ thats not really something you'd brag about. So with this being said, I'm ending this humiliation right now. It looks like I can't even write my own name, and that I'm a tool not ending top 50. I'm so tired of this tournament that I should take a break, but I know I can't stop playing now, I have a really bad score. So if I play like I know I can, and have some luck aswell. I've tried the last couple of days to play diffrently, more loose and way more aggressive, but that hasn't worked. I've been reraised no matter how little hands I play, even if I haven't limped or whatever in 40 hands. So this is a league where only your cards do the talk. Cya.