Society has been driven far too long towards stupidity. It's no longer interessting to be smart, or analyze a situation at all. Giving up is easier than following through and give it your best shot. The lack of intelligence from their part is beyond my reach to ever comprehend. Their stupidty lies in a the faith of two cards which they will never seem to quite understand why. But gambling it's called, not thinking at all it's called. Hey! Let's ruin for people that actually give and sacrifice a lot of effort to preform well on the leaderboard.

I just lost the most insane and far gone people you will ever find on earth. First we have mr. any two card, a common player these days in the league of premier stupidity. Calls a threebet with 58o, flops a straight and leech money out of every player on the table due to his way too loose play and non-thinking behind every decison making his choices based on luck rather than mathematically or logical thinking. He wasn't the one ruining for me, no! We had plenty of other players that was sitting ready with fork, knife and a plate to destroy and devaste the importance behind preforming well over time. They don't care it's a freeroll, so they do the least to get the easiest results.

Overplaying hands for instance. I 4bet preflop, really represetning a big hand, and especially not get into a hard decision with my hand - which was AKo. I really don't like monster hands, because you are always left with a big desicon, never a flopped quads or straight flush which makes it's easier to think. Nono, this person which I would like to call "Person I" to refer to a word starting with that fimiliar letter without really expressing the frustraion that lays behind a comment like that. He calls with a hand and I have position on him. The flop is three clubs and an ace, he chekcs to me. And I know if he check raises it's just to shove because he does not have a hand like K7s because of my fourbet pre. I cbet, he calls, checks next street. Here I will bet 50% of the pot and either put him all in or make him fold, collect the money and carry on with what seems to be a really sick grind with people not even qualified to write their own name on a sheet of paper. These people don't even know why they are running around acting like fools, but keeping up apperances is easier than start thinking. He calls my 2nd barrel only to be embarrassed only to flip over two nines. But WAIT! GIVE THIS MAN A BREAK! He is on a draw ladies and gents. Maybe that was why he was overplaying, or not throwing away his hand because he knew that I didn't have the flush and didnt think... sorry, that is giving him too much credit. Thinking? Loool. If there was thinking going on in his head he would've never been acting like he did. He rivers a straight and I can't believe how lucky he was(but it seems like I only had 75% advantage which, always seems to be a underdog). I'm writing in the chat: "SERIOUSLY OMG?" because his play was so bad that you'd think he was a dog running around wondering which arse to sniff into this day - a fine little adventure for this fellah.

Anyway, with this very huge advantage he still beats me and he figures it will be fun to ruin more for me. I'm left with really little chips trying to pick of the small blinds to make a scary shove stack till later, but with the least sucsess I encounter a BB who wont ever give up his blind. I cbet he calls and bets next street, on a board that.. wait for it.. has a straight draw. Without much thinking other than recalling all the latest experiences and tests I've been put through I quickly shy from the situation and live to die another day. With my now so low stack that it only contains 3-4 big blinds my friend who's a captive of stupidity finds his place in the big blind - or what's called I'm pot-comitted no matter what. I shove with K8s, hoping again to pick up blinds. But with little time to spare, since I would soon eat blinds and not a regular breakfast I feel forced to shove a hand I would never ever play. My big blind on the other hand is so predictable, not sparing any moments at all he calls my bet, only to flip over 74o. His faith is like Gollum's weakness of the ring everybody wants. Of course it's a metaphor, but it explains so well what he seeks of jack shit. But they were connected :-P PPPPPP the cards xDDD so I forgot he could get a straight, LOOOOL ROFL LMAO. He got straight, he knew he would hit it ;D stupid me :-P

With this I end what I feel is a plea to not only the people around to start playing like respectfully oppontents, but to also get some load off my shoulders. I know after a lot of thought process that 2-3 toruneys ago I made two crucial mistakes that I can blame myself for doing. But this is so blown out of proportions. Now I know how TIGGERKINGG feels like trying so hard pushing for the 1st place being unlucky. He actually lost yesterday with a set of fives vs. a set of jacks.

"I don't blame anyone, I just blame someone." - TarekGG spits out of the frustration that lies in his very soul, deceiving his mind and tearing out what seems to be a flimmer of hope, a fluke in his system. Never give up it's called when you always keep pushing to get to the wanted situation - the ambition you work for, which tears not only his sleep, but also terrors and demolishes everyhing he stands for.