I did something so stupid I can't even comprehend why I did it myself. I was playing in the Premier Skill League and I raised UTG with 66, and there was huge possibility of stealing the blinds because people were so low, and considering I raised UTG. In MT this guy shoves, and I had no intensions in calling what so ever until I realise I get 3:1 on my money due to my raise. Hence I decide to call because I know it's a coin flip. He has something like two overcards, which isn't too hard to realise given that I only have a pair of sixes. Anyway he shows AKs, which means that the ace on the flop hit him and ruined almost my entire chip. In the long run that would've paid off of course, but we are talking tournament here, and we were 30 players left and I could've easily folded and went on to the next hand. But I got 3:1 in a coin flip, which if I had won would've been really bald and smart because then I would've almost secured the final table. But of course not, I make the wrong descision having to shove next hand because we are in the blinds, and it's folded to us. I shove, he has to call, because I dont have a big stack. He wins and I'm left with 114chips. I have to play two pots now regardless. I win two pots and it skyrockets my chips up to 4k(1BB). Now I get moved to another table with 3hands before I'm in the big blind again. All those hands was under a sum of 18 so I just had to throw them whatever. In the BB I get K4 and get two callers. The pot for me is on 13k, unluckily for me the people has pair on their hand or king with better kicker etc. So I lose obvoiusly.

Before this incidence I was really lucky if you ask me. And earlier in the tournament I was struggling, to even make it as far as I did is amazing, but to make it as short as I did given the fact of which position I was in at the end is just bad. Anyway, I took some screenshoots of hands I won unmerited or I so desperatly needed to win or whatever.

The first hand, blinds are 100/200, my chips is 1500 something. So I'm behind already, but it's folded to me and my homie in the big blind. I limp in, he checks and we see the flop. With holding my 56o I really hoped for a straight, or that I could bluff represent one. I get the straight and we check every street and the river pairs the board, which makes him think I really have nothing. So I make a value bet and win some extra money.

The second hand, blinds are 125/250, dont know my chipstack. I raise in EP with 44 thinking that I will hit my set, so if somebody shoves I will call. What happens is that I get two shoves behind me, and I chicken out and thinking, I hope they hit a better set or something because I would've hit mine. Which was correctly, and I wouldve won, but smart lay down.

Third hand and the never forgetting AKs vs KK. I hit my ace on the turn, omg I was so happy, yet saying sorry to my friend for his bad beat.

Another drama in the blinds, this time I get dealt K7s and I'm really feeling the flush coming. It's folded to me and mr. BB. I min. raise, hoping he'd fold, he does not. And he hadn't allowed me to steal any blinds yet, so it was really a question about time: "when will he actually have the nuts?". Pre I didn't have anything good vs. his AJo, but post, when I hit my flush, I had the nuts.

I lost QQ to KJ, having the jack on the turn and the king on the river. But that's just a normal example of my day.

This just shows, that when I was playing with my feelings in the earlier stages I came a long way. Playing mathematically in that certain situation which I lost was just devastating to me and my chipstack. Of course you can mix and variate these things. But I really feel that when I think, or feel, like I did in the episodes I mentioned previously the results was just fantastic. But when I at the end felt I would lose, but yet a 3:1 on my money was good enough in a coin flip, well, that's where I kind of lost it.

This has been TarekGG and his thoughts about the Premier Skill League, will be saying more the next time there is something big going on. No I'm going to eat some dinner, it's raining outside jippi. And after that I will be playing the next tourney.