Each day around here starts so badly. I'v lost my bankroll like a million times. And I woke up today with 1.24 dollars, enough to play 4 tables of 0.25 SNG 45 players. It starts ok, and I just lost a the other table against an unimaginable hand QQ vs 77 preflop. What makes this hand so interessting is that I hit trips of queens and that he makes a 4cardboard flush. With 10% chance he has some equity, but still, he hits the fourth clubs making him the flush and poor me without the flush loses. And while I'm writing this I was in a hand with AKs against AJo almost lost, he got his jack, but the board made a straight thanks for that. I will be playing the next Premier Skill League tourney at 14:00 CET. The last one I played was tonight, I was short of chips and tried shove-stealing the blinds which I needed desperately. I shoved with QTo and that lucky guy could not believe he would actually get a caller to his AK so he was happy insta calling and winning. And now I just lost AK to 44 heh, its a coin flip, but hehe. Well off to eat! Hahahahahhaah. Just before I'm about to be done writing. I shove with QQ and I encounter the dreadful KK. But wait! The flop is T,9,3 and the turn a queen. I made trips!!!! Wait a second, is that a straight draw?  Nope, it's not a draw anymore, the river is a jack. Keep lying to me Pokerstars, there is no hope. And now I lost my AQo to AJs, the flop gave me pair of queens and him a flush draw, which he raises, I shove he calls and get there. Woho, 35% chance to get the flush, but still. Now I only have two tables left to play on. There is so much to add, played in the 10c turbo now, I was almost in the money, but I get dealt who loses to 77. And jacks who lost to A2o :-P PPPPPP HAHAHHAHA. Humor isn't hard to make after my own experiences, but it's a little expensive, don't you think?