Today I played twice I think in the tourney, and I finished fourth the first time. When I lost the chipleader had shoved three times before I get this hand dealt: AKo. He shoves, I call(which puts me all in). Another really short stack call. I face A5s(small stakc), A4s(chipleader) and me AKo, I have 50% chance to win. The flop gives the chipleader trips and that was it. The next time I'm not in too good shape before the last table. I get three good hands. AT with 5players remaining, I'm in the SB min raising, BB calls(has me dominated in chips). The flop gives me nothing(9,7,2) something he couldve had in the blinds. He raises two big blinds, I fold. Next hand is AJ everyone folds to me and I just get the blinds. The next hand is KQo one of the other people on the table, who also has me dominated in chips fourbet with KTs. He won. Was number five. Don't know if I'll sleep now and play the one in the morning and train later that day. Or play the next one in one hour and twenty minutes. But it's late and I'm not sleepy. We'll see. Don't know if anybody reads or cares about this. Cya.