Hello, let me start of by saying this time it isn't because I've lost or anything, it's just how the level of persons mind are so doubtfully not working. The firs thing that happened in todays tournament is that I try to defend my blind because I sense weakness. It's only me in the small blind against the big blind, I limp because I know if I raise I have to go all in due to his reraise. So I limp knowing I will have to reraise holding my J5o. He raises three big blinds, I reraise three times his bet, which forces him to go all in if he wants to call. He calls with A8s, a stupid call if I actually had a hand, considering I was thinking one step ahead. I end up winning the hand and an idiot starts off calling me a donking. Now the funny part. He says noone who limps has a big hand, and I tried convincing him that I was trying to trap him. And he goes on and on about if that person could think he would insta call, and then I was saying if he could think he wouldve heard about check raising. Anyway a few hands later I limp with AKs, because of a lot of things; limping is contagious, small stacks infront of me and somebody might raise a weaker hand, and then I can reraise. Which can lead to them feeling pot comitted and shove or fold, winning the pot uncontested. So as I said, I limp and another one limp, the next one in the line is my buddy, he raises three big blinds. Now, people fold to me, and we are still in the middle of the argument, I say look: "This is why it's so perfect, I shove - he calls" and I won. I get moved to another table and after a while I get dealt AK again. I limp, a shortstack shove with some limpers I call and lose to 82s pairing his 2. What I don't get is that theres another dude saying its weak play, I had a 64% chance of winning, and I made maybe the weakest hand shove, and I got a lot of limpers. I even had a note on him saying he shoved with ATo in EP at 0.01/0.02 cash game. Some hands later, still arguing I raise with AJs everyone folds. The next hand I get dealt AKs, and I raise acting like I'm pissed over the last hand, and the 82s dude shoves(T5o) I call and I win. Before this event he had shoved with 67o and won over AQo, shoved 54o and won over AQs. This guy was just shoving any two card and won on alot of them.

This guy alone made some show(ended 27th), but it's kind of annoying when he wins. And people were arguing with me about everything. I ended number 18 losing to JTo vs my Q9s(board was JKJ3T). Giving him full house, and me a straight.