I started the day with 5-8 dollars or something, and then I was only playing one table on 0.01/0.02 NL. So today I decided to try 2 tables, I've ended up playing 6tables. And it's still abit slow, but I was losing money in the beginning, but now I'm on 17,50 dollars, so I can start playing more tables when I keep gaining money. Anyway this multi tabling has made me play over 2,5k hands today. So thats some FPPs, but obviously its close to nothing in order to reach Silverstar and stuff. Anyway, I'm happy enough with the outcome right now. When it comes to Premier Skill League it's less important right now, but I'd rather have some good scoring there than what I'm facing right now :wink: So I'll be at the tables when I feel like it. Well have fun guys, I cya.