Been working with my money. But first let me talk about how shit that Premier Skill League is. Always when you are in the small blind and there are nobody else limping in and if I limp the tard reraises. Which happened to me right now, and I had 66 so I reraised his raise three times, he shoved I called. He had A8o the flop was A83 turn was 8 and river 3. Congratulations mr. I protect my blinds and Im stupid. Ofc that hand is a stupid shove, but still he could have anything, and he had nothing.. JK nice flop, turn and river, cya Tarek. The next hand I'm dealt QJs and now I have 1/10th of his stack, I shove preflop get two callers. A7o he wins again :wink: )))) HHEHE and now in frustration I made a terrible bluff and lost some money. But until this happened I was on 5dollars from 1.19, so it's an OK start. But apart from that the premier skill league has been a dissapointment in itself today. So many wierd and bad beats. I mean 66 is a bad shove, but full house? Come on. Anyway, the league does not matter that much now, since I'm playing with money. But let's say I lose all my money, where do I run to then? 756th place in a league of 500players? Just bad play, on a good day. I see you guys, or as I tell my pokerlosers when I steal their money: "Cya".