I'm still playing in the Premier Skill League tournament which started 2hours ago. I've actually been unlucky this time, if you'd ask me. I've won 13times without showdown, all whom I've bluffed on I think. And I've won 6/10 on showdown, so not many good hands made. But I really outplayed this dude, first he reraises the big blind thrice in early position, and I sense that he has nothing(which was wrong) I three bet his bet, and he fold 8-8, I was holding A7o. Two hands later I limp in his the big blind, I'm holding KQo SB calls and the dude I bluffed in the BB checks. Flop is Qc3h7h it's not easy to put either of them on a hand, or a draw or anything. So what I do now is I overbet the pot because both checked in front of me. I bet 600 in to a 440 pot, now the nice thing happens, he falls for it shoving I call, he is holding Q4o and I win. Now we are equal stack and I dont even want to talk about my worst bluff, which I almost believed myself, I mean, I could've had anything that hand. But he had AJo with a flop of an ace and two cards for a wheeldraw, but I raised preflop, unlikely I'm having the feel considering which of the cards that flopped. So I reraise him over the top and loses nearly my entire stack. Next hand I shove something stupid(not tilting, picking my stop), get called I win. So minutes later I get dealt aces my man gets JJ and I win a pot getting back with more chips than I lost. Now there I was a bit lucky. But here's the unlucky part: theres a player which appeared to be a big donk after, because he was doing a lot of wierd stuff. He reraises my big blind in dealer position, I have 66, I want to defend it and also get him off his bluff, because I put him on a steal. He goes over the top shoving I insta call and look at his A2o. The flop is K5T, turn is a K and the river is a T. The board pairs twice and beats my pairs and he has the best kicker. I do the correct play, but I lose that happens. Anyway things I've wanted to try out is working. Been bluffing most of my pots, hope to catch some cards, and not lose which has happened at some showdowns Cya guys.

TarekGG thinks its a bit late.