I have to say despite the fact that my results haven't been any good, that it's alot of fun. Players are better, but they overrate their pairs too much or they just read the bluffs too well. I've been extremly lucky and still I've preformed bad, so it says alot about how bad I've played, but thas good. It just means that I'll have to practice some more and soon; combined with the luck I'm having I'll be number one... at least once.

I started off with cashing and had cashed three out of the five first times. Now I've been trying out some new tactic(to blame it on something) and have preformed worse. But still I am getting the feel of out the majority play. It seems like I'll have to change my tactics drasically because I'm falling under 1500rating now. Anyway that was the quick update from me, good luck guys

TarekGG says: "Luck does not help a donk when he is not winning 10/10 times. Luck just decives him to believe that he's the greatest, which he is not. Therefor the donk remains a donk, and TarekGG is his name".