I don't know what to say... I was pushing so hard to get the 5dollar bonus and get the chance to qualify to premier skill league. What seems to be the case is that the points I gathered counts for the next month, and not this one. Meaning I have thrown away the little bankroll I had doing something I didnt think was fun in order to have a fine month in july. Pfffffffff........ dfgd... I don't even know where to start anymore, I will have to grind ALLLLL the freerolls ALLLLLLL over again. If I'd knew this I would never had done what I did. It's incredible how unlucky and stupid I feel right now. I've worked hard for nothing, actually wasted time. And all I get for this is a losy dollar at the end of the month... maybe. I still have to wait a few days even to see that one coming. I thought I was given an opportunity, well I was very wrong. OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I'm so frustrated right now. Anyway I'll eat and hit the gym, but this was a stab right in the face. Auuuuuuufffff. WOW. There are so many words I could put to use in this situation I'm in right now, but none of them would perfectly disribe how cheated I feel, how stupid I am or how dumb my desicions were.

TarekGG not so happy.