Today I've started off 4tabling 0.25NL SNGs trying to get my VPPs up quickly. But dont you know, there is a lot of stupid things going on right now. Losing AA to JJ, JJ to TT or even TT to 77. I'm sort of speechless because all of those were allins meaning I lost 0.75cent on three bad beats. And I'm really sort of money, and the worst thing is the JJ vs TT was on 1NL. Well, I'll just try to keep playing good. But it really hurts how much thinking I put into my allins and they dont think, all in 55,22 whatever, and still beat my overpairs. Anyway I hope I manage to not lose everything because I need 20VPPs by sunday in order to get to qualify to premier skill league.

TarekGG trying to keep the bankroll above 3dollars now.