I cant take this too seriously, but I do, and I'm just left thinking why is there so many times now in a row that I'm the losing part of a bet? I mean I had AK preflop went all in get paired my ace, the flop had an ace aswell, the other dude goes all in with A9o and gets 9 on the river. The time before that I went all in with KK and hit a set and an idiot raises cus he pairs his ace with two spades on the board and gets flush. And now I get a set of 7 and dont you know theres a flush again. I'm sick of being a crybaby, but there was something about my aces aswell that I've forgotten, but this is just plan stupid. I play 1hand during 40minutes and I lose, and God how much rating I lose. Well let's hope noone reads this. Seriously................... argh sdfgshjryjsestrfg