I actually have a really funny story to tell you guys. I was playing in the Hubble NLHE satellite and I was playing really agressive. I raise with QTo and gets reraised by a dude going all in, I insta check because I put him on a weak hand just trying to bust my bluff. His hand was 44 and the flop was two tens giving me trips, and the river was a four giving him full house. Then he comes off at me calling me an idiot putting all my chip vs. his hand without hearing my resoning. So this discussion levels up, and when theres a break in the tournament he starts talking about how much of a fish I am, and how much of a pro player he is. Saying like: "I cashed in a much harder tournament than this, and there is many fish there just like you". So I just ask him like: "What tourney, what place?", he says: "pokerschool, 40th or something". And I burst out laughing, because I've been number 4 there, and its a lot about luck getting there. So I tell him to check the leaderboard, but he doesnt want to. And I check him out, and he's number 2556 in comparsion to my 156th place. Then when he stops up coming with crazy ideas of insulting me  he says: "I go all in next hand you call". I say no, and he starts laughing. When the break is done I get QQ and I go all in, he doesnt call. Next hand Im dealth I get KK, I shove and he insta calls me with AQ. The flop gives me a set and I win. His last words was GG, and thats what my name is, there is no coincidence in life, heres a great example.

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