I dont know what to say, I lost my money yesterday, but I'm happy. I tested the things I wanted to test and checked some features that I hadn't checked out. Well, it's just bad to have lost money when you finally win, but at least I've shown the SNGs that I am domaniting, so there is where you'll be seeing me. Just lost like 60places++ in the leaderboard of the Open Skill League, but still up for a dollar at the end of the month. But with a donation from a dude in here or a girl(if nice), I can win fivedouble more cash. When I had money I gained 1/4 of 20 VPPs so I have a good start. Anyway, I'll keep trying to aim for 100th or better in the Open Skill League, but there is no point without 20VPPs because obviously I cant qualify to the next league without 20VPPs - well well ) Have a good day guys and girls!

TarekGG watching WSOP 2010