Won 70c in a freeroll and joined a SNG, won some money out of it, and made up to 5dollars playing at micro stakes aswell. At the same time I was 6th chipleader in the Hubble satellite tourney, and I was doing good aswell in the pokerschool open skill league. So I decided to play like a donkey since I've been up all night now, so instead of qualifying I went all in with nothing lost the ticket, lost 2 dollars and some SNGs. I'll just go sleep after I'm done in the pokerschool open skill league. I just dont like it when everything goes my way, so instead I ruin something I've worked hard for incredible. I guess I'll be grateful tomorrow having money, but be a bit cranky cus I lost that ticket opptunity. Well, now I get the feeling that I should be happy. And I am, but god sakes, this is a wierd way of tilting.

TarekGG - the tilting monkey donkeykong.