I was aiming to actually qualify in the freeroll satellite cus I cant play real money yet(cus I need 80c+). So first I get a read on this guy, goes all in on the turn cus I have pocket tens and I put him on AT+. And dont you know theres an unlucky river with an ace :-P P Right after I have AK, tried slowplaying it, cus I knew he was going to call me down anyway. So I hit king on the flop, and I knew he hit it aswell. But I had top kicker, JKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK he had K7, the turn is a seven and I went all-in and lost. Kind of frustrating trying to evolve, obviously I could've just shoved after the flop anyway. Hmm. Its hard getting bad beats all the day, had a lot of them, but like every other poker player I live on to tell the story and try again. Problem is that in the Poker Open Skill League these bad beats are ruining my score :-P PP was btw number 400 or something, so with the winnings in both of the situations, or at least the first(would've kicked him out). Would've at least put me on 200th or better, so I was in good. Hehe, bad luck and good luck, you have to experience it in order to get better.

Well, I'll stay up late tonight, 3hours +++ from now I guess. So just msg me or something, we might have something, anything to talk about :wink: ) TarekGG out.