After two or three days with horrofic play - meaning extremly bad play, I've finally played a lot better. In the Hubble tournament I was about to be safe with around 124 people left, when I call an all-in with QQ. That dog had AJ in clubs, and dont you think he hits that flush :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D so it ends up with that I only get 82nd place in the tourney. Ten places from qualifying to saturday, life is good? Ridicolous, how lucky I am until the end of the game. Because I would've never been there if it hadn't been for some lucky draws, but still. Rather go out earlier than ten places from. We'll see maybe I win the next one, hope is big - I'm at the low blow right now, so don't think that will happen.

TarekGG saying goodbye and hello to four hours more of playing in hope qualifying.