After playing a few of the satellites, I now have a "stash" of tickets to the Sunday Weekly Round 2 tournaments, which usually have a top prize of $300.  It's freeroll, so that's not bad!

The first SWR2 I entered was April 7 which was NLHE.  I got sucked out early so I didn't go very far.

The second SWR2 was Triple Stud, which mixes all three forms of 7CS, Razz, and 7CS Hi-Lo.  I've always felt that Stud is more interesting than NLHE and had better results playing 7CS.  I had a few close calls and came back from the dead, but after 7 gruelling hours, I exited at 81st place, which resulted in $2.50 prize money.

I was curious to find out who the winner would be eventually.  Surprisingly, the final table was not reach until after 10 hours or so.  The winner was finally determined after 12 hours.  12 HOURS.  That is one long tournament!

The next SWR2 will be LHE.  Now that will require a large amount of luck.  Oh well.