I have been participating in a few Open Skill League tournaments.  At first, I busted out early, way too early.  That was not too much fun. 

I'm sure many people have gone through this phase and learned the lesson the same way.  Play EXTRA TIGHT at the first few levels.  Let the "suicide maniacs" who push all-in every hard duke it out with each other.  They will have built up a relatively big stack early, but they will soon lose it all to the more skilled players. 

After a little more than 1 week, I'm almost in the Top 500 (677 as of this writing).  The highest finishing position so far was 86 out of 10,000.  I could have made it higher if I didn't get sucked out. 

This month's goal is to build up the 20 VPP for next month and to get a ticket to Big Bang, which requires finishing in Top 400 for 3 consecutive tournaments.