So, my first ever blog. No, not my first ever poker blog (even though it is), but my actual first ever blog anywhere ever about anything ever. Ever. Pretty fitting it should be about poker really, considering that's what i spend most of my spare time doing. So here goes...

Fish hooks, pocket jacks, the Lads, JJ. Whatever you want to call them, there's no getting away from the fact that they're a right pair of bastards. Does anyone have the definitive on how to play this godforsaken hand well? I suppose as with any hand it completely depends on a million and one different variables, but the way I'm thinking at the moment the best and only way to deal with them is to fold immediately, 100% of the time. Fold. Fold as if they were 2/7 off under the gun. Just fold. And here's why...JACKS NEVER WIN!

I've always had trouble picking up pots with JJ but this particular scenario really got under my skin. I was in my first ever PSO Premier League Tourney this week and after about 1.5 hours of surviving with no hands to write home about I pick up The Bastards in the cut-off with 10 BB's. An overly aggressive and loose Russian flats in front of me and is the only player not to fold. I'm reading him pretty light seeing as he wants to raise every hand and has only flatted, so I consider my play for about 0.034 seconds before shoving. Everyone behind me folds, action back on the Russian. He's got 20 BB's so the call would be for half his stack. I'm pretty sure he's going to call, he's loose and likes to see cards. I want the call and I want him with an under pair or a raggedy ace. Time bank activated...10 secs... 20 secs... CALL! A8 suited- result!! Exactly what I wanted and near as dammit to what I put him on.How the hell did this guy qualify for the premier league?! I'm clear favourite and feeling rather pleased with myself, but this is poker remember Tandovski.

Long story short he runner runnered a wheel with 3 5 and I'm busto with negative points. Awesome. Thanks a ton random hand generating algorithm.

I'm just about over it now but I'm still questioning my play as well as how my laptop survived it's flight across my lounge. What could I have done different? What could I have done better? In hindsight (always a great thing in poker) I could have min-plus raised knowing I'd get a call from the Russian, then shoved the flop which he couldn't call with ace high. Doing that though I'm risking blind defenders making a multi-way pot even harder to take down with jacks, as well as risking over cards. I've got 10 BB's, surely I've got to shove! Surely?

Jacks man, just fold.