Well, figure I have learned all there is to get from the school's course. Have had good results with it, but nothing spectacular. Of course experience is also directly related to winning poker, which will come with time. But I have mostly plugged all my leaks in contrast to what the school teaches so far. The next step in my progression in learning more will be from books. After searching online for many hours I have come up with a list of books I want to study and learn from, and incorporate into my play style. The first one, and current one reading, is Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. Have read through it once already, but it is very deep and will take a long time to really understand it all. Started testing it out by first using it in the NAPL freerolls, and took a bit to finally incorporate it correctly with my base foundation now. However I placed 2nd many times and first once and got a ticket. I have much more practice to do with it before I will feel comfortable with it though. I am making mistakes a lot again, and trying to decide what I like better between the 2 systems during which times in a tourney. For the current time being, I am not switching my styles once someone catches on, but trying to fine tune the basics again, which includes different styles based on tourney progression anyways. Have took a few days off PSO but looking forward to trying out my new playstyle by combining Phil Gordon's teachings with the schools and seeing if I can get my average placement higher.