Well my rankings went down a little, was feeling sort of sick and was only able to play 4 tourneys last few days. As it would happen finished super early in 2 of them with pocket a and q's being beaten by pocket 9's and a total junk hand. The other 2 were in the 200's, which is around my average placement. So will slip down some but not worried about it, as they will happen. Confident that I will continue to climb as the more games I play, right now sitting in the 200 in the league rankings as well. I am working on shoring up a major weakness of mine this week, which is when I get a free flop in the BB and get a medium made hand. When the opponent shows weakness, I usually push, which leads to mixed results. The problem is I am risking my entire stack on a medium hand and have had some hands that I beat myself up over from the results. Really working on trying to play these smarter when they happen and see if I can turn this weak point around.