First 2 tourneys I went out around 550ish, both times on a solid all in to solidify my place in getting to the bubble. Was satisfied with both busts and the way I played. Then I fought my way to a hard earned 190th ish placement in the 3rd. The last I was sitting in 34th place with 170ish left and playing great and catching some nice hands. I lost my patience and pickiness and placed a 1/4th size bet after the short stack went all in and I had AT. Another like-sized stack also came in behind me, and I didn't catch anything on the flop. He made a small bet, and I decided un-intelligently to try a bluff for the rest of my chips. Thinking for some reason I would make him fold as he made a small bet. Instead he called and caught me in my bluff and went from 14kish chips down to just under 1.5k chips. Next hand I busted out with the blinds as high as they were around 170ish place. Was pretty dissapointed with myself on that performance. Finally was able to make my flash cards over the sit-n-go courses in poker school here, as well as a new and improved cheat sheat that was more readable then the one I made while going through the courses. Also re-read the courses again picking up on a few things I missed the first run through, mostly just small details but important nonetheless. Also decided to go buy 1-2 poker books to utilize soon, will be trying to find recommendations on books around this forum and a few other main poker sites. Will need something to step up to once I feel I have mastered the schools course.