I have been getting a lot better today at recognizing which hand to play when in the tourney. Played 2 PSO tourney's today. The first I went out toward the end of the early phase, where he caught up after the turn. However, it was my fault as I thought it was the beginning of the middle phase and got invested with a hand (A10 suited) that shouldn't have been played in the early phase. The second one I placed in the low 90's, and made money for the first time for the 2 day's of playing in them, and had some bad beats a few times. Though they were all during the end, where usually the opponents hands were good enough to call as well with there stack sizes. Was a fun tourney, and looking forward to playing again, and even potentially meeting some of the players again. As for the play money side, I am still gaining in the $500 6 person sit-n-go. Once I hit $20,000 I will start trying the $1000 ones. I think tomorrow, I will make some flash cards as well with hands and what category they fall under as well as when to play them and start practicing with them. I really want to get this poker school sit-n-go system down to memory, where I can apply it without looking on notes. Then get to the point where it becomes second nature. Then after that foundation, I will start branching out from there with tricks, tips, and variance play.