After joining up with Poker School Online, and taking the basic and core courses, I took a break and relaxed then started in on the sng course. To say the least it is quite a lot of information, and I knew it would take a while to not only digest it, but to put it into practice right. Up until now, I have read a few books, and played a lot of hands at various sites, mostly all play money. The only real money I have played with was with a free roll earnings of $1 that after a few months I turned into $50, that was until I lost my cool after a series of bad beats and fed up with poker and decided to go all in with it over and over until I lost it all and then quit poker for good. Needless to say, after a few months later I am back trying to learn more, and enjoying the game as usual. My previous way of playing was almost as tight in the beginning as instructed in these courses, but I loosened up more quickly and was never as aggressive as these courses teach. There were just a few times I would put in a 4xbb bet, mostly I would just do a 2-3xbb, and also call all suited connectors mostly and small-mid pairs. Looking forward to improve my play! I love sit-n-go's, I prefer them to cash games any day. Something about a tourney just gives me a much more fun factor involved. However, with all the categories to learn, and various stages in relation to all the big blind mechanics I decided to first just concentrate on the early stage and middle stages first. If I made it to the button, then I would play my old way. Out of 5 games I placed first 2 times, second 2 times, and third once. These were in the play money $500 6 player sit-n-go with pay out to 1st and 2nd. My mind was settled that these courses really do help my game, compared to my old way, and my confidence a lot higher. Knew there was so much more to learn still as I am still just a beginner, but I knew I could reach the upper tiers of the tourney's reliably now. Tried my hand in 2 PSO tourney's and went out pretty quick in the first one around 600th place where my AK was beaten by a pair. The second one I placed around 250th, but was excited by the results as I was not getting many good cards and was able to coast a long the edge practically all the way. The money made to keep me going until I dipped under 5bb was off 2 pocket 9's and a AQ. At this stage, I went back and read up and took down notes for the bubble play and in the money sections, then took the quiz to make sure I had a good foundation. Ended up with a 100% and took that as a good sign. I used my notes while taking the quiz and have a long way to go before I can reliable play without them, but that will come with time. My goal for now is to apply the bubble/In the money sections now as well and to get to the point where I can realize what cards are in what section without having to look all the time.