January flew by...I had so many plans made in December for how 2013 will be different and how I will be on track with blogging and writing.  It is the most challenging thing for me at times, to be able to sit at a computer and write my thoughts out.  


It was a crazy month with PCA (from the Triple Stud tourney, to the World Cup of Poker) and then spending a couple more weeks in the Caribbean to unwind.  Now back to reality.  That time away from the computer has given me some time to reflect on my goals for 2013 and years to come.  It also made me think about why I love playing poker.   Financial return is certainly a motivator, but at it's core I simply love the game.

My top 5 reasons I love pokering:

5. It gives me reasons to dream even bigger than I thought I would even a year ago. 

4. I love the look I get when I tell randoms about being a professional poker player.

3. Constantly I am challenged to improve my game, to stay relevant and make my way to the top.

2. Having the freedom to start my day when I please, travel, or take a break.

1. The fact that after > 10 years of playing for cash, I remain motivated to play, even on days when it feels like a grind, I am still happy to be there! 


There are certainly more reasons that I play poker, being a woman (or simply a person) I can spend money with the best of them, but financial gain has never been a top priority in my game.  Fun and being the best I can be certainly are bigger drivers.  

I look forward to what the rest of 2013 has in store for me.