So it's WCOOP time again!

 Poker has been going better for me of late for sure.  My frame of mind is good and I feel happier again! Just in time for the biggest online series of tournaments, with massive cash prizes.  

I know that part of my improved affect is because of the PokerStars Mobile App that launched in Canada earlier in August.  It has been awesome for me to play on that, because I can play from anywhere and am not tied to my desktop. 

Before signing with Team Online, I often played from my laptop while multitasking, whether sitting on the patio with some coffee or making dinner.  It offered me great flexibility.  I have been missing that...until now!

Have you tried the mobile app yet?  It is pretty cool for sure, but there are some challenges that I have with it and am still learning how to use all the features.  The good thing is that for two tabling it is no problem! 

Playing from the mobile app has actually been really good for my focus, I don't have the ability to be checking Facebook, chatting on Skype, etc.  All of my mental ability stays pointed towards poker for a change! 

When I was making my WCOOP schedule, I realized that it might be fun to play from the iPad, that will allow me to enjoy the last month of summer here, spend some time on the beach and maybe even out on the boat.  We will see!  If you want to know which events I am playing from the app, check out the video below! 

[youtube link=""]

So...we will see how it goes, I have my RSA on a lanyard to keep it near me.  Perhaps I will set some record for the most money won from a mobile device!!!