Balance is a word you hear around poker with some regularity.  

Whether it is about balancing your ranges or your life, they really are equally important.  Balance is one of the things that I pride myself on, and have always considered it a foundation of my happiness.  If you follow my personal blog at all, you know that happiness is one of the things in life that I value the most.  I try to always be smiling or looking on the bright side, even through a stream of seemingly unending gutshot or 2 out rivers!  

Over the last few weeks, my smile has deteriorated.  As a problem solver, I have been trying to work out what the causes of my frustration and discontent has been.  Poker has not been going well, but I know everyone goes through that, it is all a part of the game.  I am still not sure how tournament players ever really smile.  I have had some deep runs and built up chip stacks, only to get crushed just before the final tables.  It is an interesting phenomenon in tourneys, you can finish 10th out of 2000 people and be devastated!!  What a strange game we all love.  

It seems to me that prior to my move to British Columbia, a large part of my balance was having the structure of the 33 hours/week conventional job.  It gave my day structure and a social outlet where poker the option to play poker didn't exist, especially seeing as the mobile app isn't in Canada yet! 

Here, my friends are further away (although I did manage an overnight wine tour on the weekend) and the job hunt has been on the back burner while we set up the new house and get our lives established.  It is hard not to choose poker over weeding the garden or even unpacking boxes.  I love poker, I think about it much of the day, from hands I have played to strategies that I want to try.  It is the beauty of the game, there are so many different angles to look or think of it from.  

How do you keep balanced?  What strategies do you employ?  

My plan for the next week to ten days is to take some time away from the cash games and tournaments.  I need to fancy up my blog, work on a video (I promise....there is one coming) and visit with my best friend who is coming out to visit today, she surprized me with that info yesterday.  

Hopefully a good dose of chatter, wine, sunshine and some wakeboarding (my first time upcoming....) will help snap me out of this funk.  I look forward to reading any strategies you all may have!

XO Adrienne