Just carrying on from my previous post re my vacation and the six weeks away from Pokerstars.

 The first 10 days were spent in Las Vegas where I achieved a bucket list goal and played an event in the WSOP.  It was the Super Seniors and which now provides a good clue as to my age.. I have to say I had a marvelous time. It was just so cool to sit in the Amazon room with 1720 other players and soak in the atmosphere. The cards were so so, the company at the table were great. Had one of those come from behind hands when all in. Villian had QQ and me shoveing with 99. Flopped the set and rivered the Quads!! Very nice thank you! Anyway, after 10 hours of play and 10 levels I had to make a big decsion. I had 6BB with 270 players left. ITM was 257. In the big blind with K/9s and folded to the SB who called. My thought process was "Can I survive until the money." I was not sure as I had about 60 hands of play left and faced being blinded out. I decided to shove. (He had larger stack) Figuring K/9 was an above average hand. He called the shove and turned over A/2o. Flop came with a 9. Turn was an Ace. Game over. I finished 267. Frustrating and gutted and ten off the money. This is not a sob story. I totally enjoyed the experience. And would do it again in a heartbeat. Played a couple of the Deepstacks at the Rio finishing just a bit better than mid field both times. I flew in from New Zealand. to do this and spent four weeks in Alaska after Vegas. The whole trip was incredible and have memories to last a lifetime.


I'd be interested to know what you would do with that last hand?