Thank God I love this game.

  There are times when a bad beat can be heart breaking. I had another example of this yesterday when I thought I had played a hand perfectly only to suffer a killer river against an opponent that had no business in being in the hand in the first place.  Variance rearing it's head again!

  Raised (4x) on the button against two early postion limpers.  Both call after blinds fold. Flop gives me open ended straight draw and top pair. Continuation bet of 3/4 pot as  flop has two diamonds,sees a fold and a call. Turn brings my straight but no diamond.  At this point I need to protect my hand and make a nearly pot sized bet denying odds to call for draw and taking into account stack sizes. Opponent  makes the call. Kd on river gives me a bigger straight.Opponent leads out. Given what I had behind I have to make a crying call. He shows down 10d 3d for flush.

  I know fish and donkeys can play any two but my bet sizing should have driven him out of the pot. I can handle the bad calls but my time investment of playing well for two hours only to crippled by donkey play is frustrating to say the least and seems to be happening a lot lately.

Will I be back. Yep! As I said. God I love this game!