Well, here we are. Fast approaching the end of another year and time to set the poker bar a little higher. It's been a year of highs and lows. The high being my best win; 1st in a $33 buy in deepstack for $680-00. The lows being sucked out on so many occassions it hurt. In fact in one terrible moment I went on tilt. First and only time people.

So whats achievable this year? Ok then.

Goal (1) Qualify for Premier league.

Goal (2) Win it

Goal (3) Get my cash game stats back to positive ROI

Goal (4) Get my OPR ranking higher than this years 95%

Goal (5) Win a major, or at least something that makes my bank account look really healthy.

Goal (6) Take in as much PSO training through videos and live training to make all of the above a reality.

Good luck and skills to all PSO members in the new year and don't forget to lift that bar