First... Yes, the name of my blog is real... I'm gimped (disabled). I live in the southern USA (which most people call rednecks), and I live on a farm. I'm medicated 100% of the time, and sometimes it gets so bad, that I make stupid calls, and stupid plays... You can call me a donk all you want to... Doesn't matter to me, as I pretty much have only played for fun. I just learned two days ago that PSO keeps track of our playing, and that we are ranked... I honestly didn't know that they were having real money tournaments for those in the top 1000... I never looked. So from now on, I'm going to play for keeps. I will make mistakes a LOT because of my medications (narcotics and muscle relaxers), but from now on instead of going all in on a donk hand to get out of the game because I'm sleepy, I will just sit out, and go to bed, and go up the ladder until I run out of chips in that game. This happens quite often actually. My meds kick in, and I get so sleepy that I just can't play anymore. I use to just go all in to get out of the game... Not anymore. I'm at the bottom of the leader board right now. Let's see if I can change that. I'm hoping my paragraphs come out... If not, please just read through the one paragraph post. In the preview, it's all showing as one paragraph, no matter how many blank lines I put in there. It won't let me put a "< p >" (take out the spaces), so oh well.