I am writing this blog about a recent Hand History review of a PSO Community Home Game Series I wish to address 2 points with regards to the session.

The Hand History reviews are conducted when a PSO member is struggling or wishes to improve his/her game.  Those who submit their HH do so knowing that they are opening up their personal style of play and how they play certain hands in certain situations.  The HH is reviewed by a PSOTeam Instructor/Trainer.  They are not judgemental and will provide a wealth of construcive feedback which will improve you game ( They have all been in similar situations as no-one is born knowing everything thereis to know about poker). How to attend or participate in live training or HH reviews is here http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=105

Point 1

Thank you for taking the time to review my hand history for that particular tourney.  As usual the feedback was constructive and I have pinpointed a few areas I need to work on with your help.  I have also pinpointed some areas that I am doing well which takes away some self doubt about certain actions.  In particular I would also like to thank those that attended the session and provided good constructive critisism.

Point 2 

Be respectful to the people in the class and in particualr to the person who has opened his/her poker game up to be anaylised.  Constantly bad mouthing or ridiculing their style of play or decisions they did or didn't make  is not constructive or helpful.  It will put people off from submitting there own HH for review and as such their game will suffer as will ours because we also gain from their HH for reviews.

If you feel that there is nothing to learn from such trainings then please refrain from allocating your precious time and extensive poker knowledge to attend and let those who wish to improve continue to do so.

In summary, I have always found these training sessions both theory and Live practical training very helpful,  I thank every person who has taking the time and courage to submit their HH for review has gving other players so much help by doing so.  Please continue to submit HH for review and for those who are beginning their poker journey, watch and listen as you will gain so much from it

Keep up the great work Trainers, Instructors, Blogging/Forum Staff and most of all , You the trainees.