I thought I would write this blog as i approach the end of my 3rd year of playing online poker. Lets put into context first.

I started playing poker 3 years ago when i was informed by my younger brother I would be playing a poker toruney in a local pub one snowy christmas period.  My first reaction was ah  crikes ( not the words i used at the time) ''how the heck do you play it'' having never played poker in my life.  Lucky i had a great broadband and jumped on the web and found ''Learn how to play poker''  @Pokerstars.com.  Great, so with 2 days to the tourney I read everything i coiuld and watched as many videos that were possible in that time frame( lucky i only need 2 hours sleep a day).  The period of learning proved worthwhile I came 2nd out of 35 experienced players for a nice little payday. I caught the poker virus and have never been cured of it since then ( not that i want curing).

So with the little success that day I decided to carry on playing poker and learning at each event /tourney i played online as well as live.  In my 1st and 2nd years I had varied results both live and online but they were nothing to write home about and finished each year in the red.  In 2013 I decided that I will set myself a couple of goals and finish the year in profit or at least break even for the year. Now here is the reason for the blog.

I joined PSO community with a view to improving my game and learning what i can from others in a smaller close knit environment where criticism is constructive rather than the usual bad mouthed foul language expletives that get thrown at you.  I have learned a lot from the live training sessions and also the home game club series every month although my results dont reflect it.  If anything my results are getting worse hence the topic. I mainlly play 100k priv, the PSO Open legeaue, .10c 350 man 25c 90 man  MTT adn also a few other tourneys at micros or freerolls. The idea being that I would build my BR and experience up to where I would feel comfortable at $1 - $3 MTT  45 -90 man 

The following graph shows my stats fro the year  and ther 2nd graph for the last 5 months.


from 1/6/13 - 13/11/13


 Alarm bells are ringing for me, I play a fairly tight style of game, I have my odd reckless moment like most people  and more often than not its internet lag that has caused a misclick however it still doesnt explain why my results are the way they are for the last 5 months,  I havent really changed my style of play, if anything i have got more tighter. Apart from 1 good day in the last 5 months  which in part wasnt a really good day as I lost $33 trying to satty into the Red Spade Open which failed the results are pretty poor

I wonder if variance is increased or decreased by picking the same seat at the table every time as I always stay in seat 2 by choice.

Those who know me in PSO maybe they can comment on how I play ( constructively)

as it stands here some figures:

From: 01/01/13 -01/06/13        01/06/13 - 13/11/13      Overall

Buy Ins        £213.22                         £153.46                  £384.13

Net Adj       -£102.13                        -£118.16                 -£220.25

ITM                5.26%                             5.02%                       5.1%

ROI            -36.73%                          -67.09%                 -48.47%

So is it bad luck, bad player or variance? and should I keep going and hopefully it will work itself out or bite the bullet and give up online playing