This was an brilliant tournement that lasted over 5 hours.  I played better than I had done the day before.  Had to get lucky a few times throughout the touny (but then again dont we all).

I won the tourneyment with a HU's up match with ArtySmokePS. no headway was gained by either of us as i think we were both playing a little tight until the following hand changed the tide.

When Arty shoved I thought he might have an suited connectors or small pair, (a mistake to assume on my part ) but i was sure that my Q8c was good enough to call.  As the hand played out I was at great risk after Arty showed 10 10.  The sweat got bigger as the board played out.

In the end I think this was a keypoint in the Hu's battle. I went on to win it but it wasnt as clear cut and dried after that .  Arty made a spirited comeback and i was getting worried.  Overall it was a great tourneyment and a brilliant HU  battle.

My next blog will show how the poker gods let you get lucky in one hand and take it away from you in the next.

( Thank you to BichonPup who constantly gave me encouragement from the rail)