Start of Day 3


Bankroll: $0

   Today I plan on doing what I did yesterday which is entering as many freerolls that i can and try to cash to get my bankroll going. Even if I dont cash I plan on being in the money for the monthly PSO ladder.


End of Day 3

Bankroll: $0


   I played quite a few freerolls today but didn't place in any.  My PSO rank dropped a bit too. I think I need to get more focused when playing instead of getting distracted by the other things at my computer (facebook, twitter, other games ect). I need to finish up the PSO courses too which I will do byy the end of the week and hopefully get my SnG Ticket for completing the quiz. I did another LIve Training today too where i learned about draws.

  Its a slow start but I think once I get rolling, ill be good 2 go.