As stated in my title this is the first of my daily blogs reviewing my personal scores, busts, and/or achievements. Jumping into this blog, its titled as Day 1 when in fact its been a couple weeks that I've been hooked on poker and a few days since I've decided that this is something I'd really enjoy doing as a main source of income. I'll start with an introduction.


Name: Brian Gaskell

Age: 23

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Starting Out

    I started playing poker when I was 19. I went to the Casino a couple times and dumped some money at the tables, aswell as an almost weekly  tournament style home game that a few friends of mine would hold.  A couple wins had me in the plus and I developed a quick love of the game. However that didn't last long when I took my winnings to the casino tables and was busted in about 30 minutes. At the time I just looked at poker as a 1 player game, i only knew the possibilities for my hand, never knowing if someone had me beat, even if it was only a pair of 5's with a flop like Ah-Kh-10h. I knew that there was the possibility of them having a higher pair, flush, or straight draw but I already had put in my money and there are still 2 cards to come i just have to stay in the hand. I thought everything was about how lucky you could be. Nevertheless getting felted was a crushing experience and that ended my temporary poker career.

The Return

   When I started playing poker, it wasn't just playing casually. I was engulfed by everything poker. I almost ALWAYS had poker on TV, playing online or at the casino, or playing heads up with a good friend of mine, Eric. I bought an expensive poker chip set, a shuffler, some poker felt for the table we played on, high quality cards, anything I thought a poker player would need. After my experience with losing all my money at the casino almost all my poker stuff went into the closet to collect dust.

  My friend Eric had started playing around the same time as me, only he quickly learned the things I failed to understand. After I stopped playing, he continued to play the whole time I was away from the tables, which was about 2-3 years.

   Fortunately for me, i was able to meet up with Eric a couple weeks ago, and we started talking poker and decided to have an old fashion heads up game like we use to have. While we were playing he was telling me about all the things he had learned and how going to the casino and watching people at the tables was sometimes comical because they were playing the same way I was a few years ago.

  All this poker talk and playing had me interested in the game again so I decided to install Poker Stars again and try out the old freerolls I use to play (Hubbles, ect) and managed to get 2 tickets to the Weekly Sunday/Saturday from the NLHE and L STUD.  I couldn't wait for the weekend so I decided to deposit a bit onto my account and see what I could do. Unfortunately, even after Eric telling me about all the things I need to do/learn about poker, I played like I did before, and busted within the day. Eric was spectating a couple freerolls I played later and was coaching me on how i should have played the previous hand. It was A LOT for a couple hours of crash coarse poker and it got kind of crazy with this overload of information.

The Discovery

  I kept seeing an ad across the top of Poker Stars for PSO so I checked it out. I signed up not really knowing what EXACTLY was in store because most poker schools require a subscripting, which because i just recently lost all my money playing stupid at the tables, I couldn't afford.

  I was excited to discover that I could actually learn for free using the site and hopefully learn all the things that Eric told me about so I could become a better player.

The Idea

   I've always been a very indecisive person. I've been through 3 years of school, all for different things, never completing any of them. I've never known what I wanted to do as a career/job because nothing has ever seemed appealing.

  PSO has given me the starting knowledge and Poker Stars has given me an opportunity to potentially play poker as a full time career choice.

The Challenge

  I challenge myself to try a "Zero to Hero" type blog every day which will highlight my bankroll, stand out hands, tourney information and general feeling for the day for the next 365 days.

I guess this starts Day 1.