i thought i wouldn't post again until i hit my first throttle in the pso, but i've had such bad luck lately, i had to say something about it. i'f i had won one of these hands i would probably have 30 more points than i do currently. actually, i think i'll just bring up the worst hands because i can't really remember all of them.

6 6; last night in the ten o'clock game i limped in on the first hand of the tourny with 6 6 to see a flop. it came 3-6-9 (or something close). i went all in. someone called with like a 7 2 off and the turn and the river cards were 4-5. ugh.

KK; i go all in with kings and get two callers who both have aces. i like that. i can't remember the flop or the turn, but neither gave either opponent any sort of draw. they're both left for the river with only 2 outs. the river came ace. ugh, ugh.

AA; i raise 4bb and get a reraise all in, so i call. it's aces against nines. a nine comes out on the flop. that's all she wrote on that one. ugh, ugh, ugh. then, aces again, someone calls my all in raise with 10 4 off. ten comes on the flop. river drops a 4. ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.

i know it's poker and that sometimes bad things happen, but seriously, i'm getting killed by playing good poker by people who are playing bad poker. why is this happening? i mean those example hands are just the tip of the iceberg for me right now. they are also the hands that put me out of the last four tournaments. if i had won any of those hands i could have sat out to the bubble and scored points.

this game is killing me right now.