i consider this (april, 2011) to be my first month playing in the pso. i played a few games late in march, but at the time i really didn't know what the pso was or what i was doing. i must say that, so far, i feel like i am doing really well. i have been ranked in the top 1000 everyday, and my points continue to rise everyday. i'm hoping to be able to improve throughout the month and finish somewhere in the top 1000. my actual goal is to break 500, but many people within the pso say that i won't make the top 500. maybe it's their competitiveness or maybe it's based on their own experiences. whatever their reasoning, i just finished 45th in my last tournament and should have around 1580 pts to put me at around 300th in the current standings. i am happy with that for now and hope my success continues. i will probable blog again after my first throttle comes in to play. until then, i'll see you at the tables.