A Blog by T.O.Nelson

I thought I was a poker player.

I had played numerous live home games. I had won a few, lost many, and generally did OK. I could never translate my game into on-line poker success however. Like many, I blamed the sites, calling them rigged, saying the games were fixed, whatever. Anything but doubt my own suspect ability.

Then I discovered Poker Stars' PokerSchoolOnline. To be completely and brutally honest I didn't know what I was doing at all.

I started with the basic courses and I watched a video by Randy 'nanonoko' Lew called "Evaluating Pre Flop". Suddenly I was becoming a Poker player, not a guy who plays cards for money.

I never knew about things like the importance of position, how to count outs, how to evaluate hand strength. Suddenly Aces and Kings were not the only cards I could play. Learning betting strategies, even learning how to evaluate my opponents playing style and adjusting my game to take advantage.

Terms like limping, squeezing, isolating, blind defence, which had all previously been foreign to me have now become second nature (though I strongly recommend not practising these skills on a crowded bus).

Whether you are a novice to the game, have played some on-line and home games, or even an experienced player, I would strongly recommend that you try Poker School, and watch those videos. It can only improve your game. You have nothing to lose... and there is no rake back on the knowledge you gain